House rules

Violation of any condition may immediately and without respect of person be reported to the police, while entry will be denied.


  1. You are required to purchase at least one drink and to consume this drink on our premises or our terrace. Drinks in a glass or a can must be consumed on our premises or our terrace. It is not allowed to take your drinks elsewhere.
  2. You are not allowed to behave aggressively or act dominant (in speech or behavior) upon entering
  3. Coat check is mandatory at the Après Skihut
  4. You are not allowed to be in the possession of or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  5. If you have caused problems in the past, access may be permanently denied
  6. Minimum age is 18 years and, in case of doubt, you must be able to provide proof of identification
  7. The use or possession of any weapons or objects that can be used as weapons, is strictly prohibited
  8. We reserve the right to refuse large groups without a reservation; disruptive behavior will not be tolerated
  9. In case it is too busy inside or we expect to be very busy, we reserve the right to refuse admission
  10. In case of a private event, we reserve the right to refuse admission. We will clearly post any private event we are hosting
  11. People who refuse to walk through the metal detector are not allowed inside
  12. You are not allowed to take our possessions outside or to move them. Guests will be responsible for the repair or renovation of any intentional damages
  13. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated
  14. In case of emergency you should always follow the instructions of the staff
  15. We accept no responsibility for the loss of personal belongings
  16. Please note that our building is equipped with security cameras, both inside and outside. Our entire staff has agreed to make recordings. During emergencies these recordings can be used as supportive material for third parties
  17. If you have any complaints, please report them to Olivier van Hoey Smith. He can be reached at